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Safe Diablo 3 Cheats Update – Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter class is built around ranged combat, specializing in bows and crossbows as well as traps of various types and ranged melee attacks. This class shares some similarities with the Amazon and Assassin class from Diablo 2 with a dark and mysterious background. Unlike the other four classes, the Demon Hunter has two resources, Hatred and Discipline. The red Hatred is used when offensive spells are performed and regenerated at a quick rate. The blue Discipline dictates the Demon Hunter’s defensive abilities and some of his/her traps.


Primary: The Demon Hunter’s main offensive abilities. Hatred is generated when these skills are used.

–          Hungering Arrow: A magical arrow that seeks out enemies and a chance to pierce through them

–          Entangling Shot:  Imbue an arrow with shadow energy, entangling enemies on impact and slowing their movements

–          Bola Shot: Shoots out an explosive that wraps around the target, inflicting damage and surrounding enemies

–          Grenades: Throws out three grenades

Secondary: More offensive abilities that require Hatred to cast

–          Impale: Inflict large damage to target

–          Rapid Fire: Channeling skill, rapidly fire while it is active

–          Chakram: Fire a chakram outwards, inflicting damage to enemies in its path

–          Elemental Arrow: Shoot a fire arrow, damaging target as it passes through

Defensive: Makes the Demon Hunter temporary out of the battle. Uses Discipline to cast

–          Caltrops: Lay traps that slows enemies

–          Smokescreen: Become invisible momentarily

–          Shadow Power: Gains life while dealing damage

Hunting: Makes the Demon Hunter an adept killer, disposing enemies with ease

–          Vault: Tumble in or out of the battle

–          Preparation: Instantly restore all Discipline

–          Companion: Summons a raven to aid you

–          Marked For Death: Marks an enemy that will that extra damage

Devices: Using tools and gadgets to attack enemies

–          Evasive Fire: Inflict damage on target. If the target is close, the Demon Hunter will backflip away

–          Fan of Knives: Damage and slow all enemies around you

–          Spike Trap: A trap that deals damage to approaching enemies within an area

–          Sentry: Drops a turret that shoots at nearby enemies

Archery: Master of the bow/crossbow, the Demon Hunter is deadly with his/her range attacks

–          Strafe: Randomly shoot at targets and increase movement speed

–          Multishot: Shoots a volley of arrows, inflict damage to all enemies in the area

–          Cluster Arrows: Shoots an arrow that explodes into miniature bombs

–          Rain of Vengeance: Massive arrow shower around the Demon Hunter for a short duration


Deadly at range, the weapons of choice for the Demon Hunter are bows, crossbows and unique to their class, hand crossbows. The quick reloading, fast-firing Hand crossbows are smaller versions of their counterparts and can be dual wield, making Demon Hunters effective killing machine. While using bows and crossbows, Demon Hunters can benefit from the bonuses of Quivers that are equipped in their off hand, from increased attack speed to higher critical chance. To keep their mobility in fights, Demon Hunters can wear cloaks instead of plated armor.